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My Evil Undead Credit Card

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(in 3 parts)
/1/ Scrawl out on a piece of paper:
Dear Chase,
“disputing the sports illustrated charge and subscription. Please provide written doc. I am disputing because there is no agreement”
/2/ lick a stamp and attached it to a #10 envelope
Wilmington DE 19850

load the Twitter app so you can tweet me money and I’ll send you the supplies for $8.oo. Yup an envelope with the special PO box and a special stamp to connect your letter to the Experian database.

Jk, lick the stamp yourself


My credit card won’t die.

On August 1 I cancelled a Chase credit card. I cancelled it because I couldn’t get rid of fraudulent recurring charges by contacting the merchant.

A few months ago I had tried asking for a new card with a new number, in the past that always worked to clear out all the BS recurring charges (gym memberships, etc.). The charges blasted right through that new card.

I wrote the blog post because I was surprised in the change in the law that allows credit card banks to continue to push recurring merchant charges even after a card had been claimed lost or stolen.

But it turns out it’s even worse than that. Yesterday I received a bill for that cancelled credit card. The account was closed, said the bill, but there was a new charge for $40.

Say what?

I called Chase. They told…

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Written by Larry Chiang

May 23, 2015 at 6:48 pm

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