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Recurring Credit Card Charges Horror

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why do you not text me about this stuff. It is 2015 and I could’ve done a 12 hour turn vs a 3 year one. http://twitter.com/6502838008


An annoying part of life is the collection of recurring credit card charges over time. Things like gym memberships, or the kind of stuff companies like Intelius trick people into accidentally buying.

You can’t get these charges to stop. You talk to the companies. You threaten the companies. They drag their feet and never close the account.

But hey, there’s always the wipe out option. You call your credit card and ask for a new card. No one can make charges to the old number any more. I did this a couple of months ago to clear out about $400 per month in recurring charges that had accumulated over many years (this was my main TechCrunch credit card, so there was lots of random stuff).

That wipe out option was one of life’s small pleasures. A way to stick it to those companies that just won’t stop charging your credit…

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Written by Larry Chiang

May 22, 2015 at 11:38 pm

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