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Fwd Rental Slip – RBV6081 – 04.04.2018 13:25

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Law and legal and #cs183law

From: <no-reply>
Date: April 4, 2018 at 1:26:00 PM GMT+8
To: <crownbinley>
Cc: <lawrence.chiang>
Subject: Rental Slip – RBV6081 – 04.04.2018 13:25

The Taiwan government requires Uber to provide you with a car rental notification when you request a ride via the Uber app. This is not a receipt.



  • 於預約行程確認後,平台將立即寄送此電子出租單到您註冊帳號的Email信箱,本信件同時也作為租賃車行電子出租記錄簿留存。
  • 行程結束後您也會立即收到一份包含詳細行程路徑、費用的電子明細做為備存。

Larry,這是您透過 Uber 預約租車及代僱駕駛的汽車出租單

  • 代僱之駕駛人
    • 姓名 – 吳 冠儀
    • 地址 – Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
    • 駕駛執照/身份證件號碼 – ******9398
  • 承租人
    • 姓名 – Larry​ Chiang​
    • 地址 – Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
    • 身份證件號碼 –
      • 車輛承租人(乘客)身分證字號:租車人拒絕(或視為拒絕)提供身分證字號。如您同意提供身分證字號,請盡快依照以下說明輸入。
  • 為了確保您繼續使用 Uber 預約租車及代僱駕駛的權利,請配合政府要求提供身分證字號:您可以透過 Uber APP「求助」功能中的「帳戶和付款選項 > 提供身分證字號」欄位輸入(外籍人士需提供護照號碼),僅需提供一次,系統即會自動記錄於您未來行程的記錄之中。您的個人資料將受到妥善保護,以合理並經由保護之形式露出,並僅供政府所屬機關查驗使用,以保障您的隱私安全。若您尚未提供身分證字號,請儘速依照APP說明方式輸入,如您仍未輸入,視為您拒絕提供身分證字號。如有疑問,請參照使用者隱私聲明:https://www.uber.com/legal/privacy/users/zh-TW/
  • 租車起訖日期時間 –
    • 04.04.2018 13:25
    • 依實際行程結束時間為準
  • 車牌號碼 – RBV6081
    • 此車輛有投保強制汽車責任險及旅客責任保險
  • 租車公司名稱 – 租賃公司:皇冠賓力Crown Binley International Rental Co., Ltd
  • 租車費用 – 即時報價金額已經顯示APP叫車畫面
  • 車輛之附屬設備 – 基本設備
  • 起租時碼表里程 – 請以車上碼表實際數字為準
  • 油料 – 使用92/95/98
  • 規定事項
    • 租賃期間駕駛車輛違反法令規定或發生失竊、毀損、肇事、超速、酒駕駕駛等責任,概由租車人負責。但駕駛人由出租人代僱者,由出租人負責。
    • 租賃期間車輛行駛中發生故障時,如因使用不當或應注意未注意等人為因素,由租車人負責。若為自然因素,由出租人負責,但不得繼續使用,並通知出租人處理。
    • 租車人不得利用所租車輛從事營業或供作違法行為之工具。
    • 租車人應隨身攜帶本出租單以備查驗。
    • 其他未盡規定事項,租車時由雙方另行議定。

****************** 以下資訊致 租車公司:租賃公司:皇冠賓力Crown Binley International Rental Co., Ltd

​您有以上租車請求​,您欲出租的車輛車牌號碼為 RBV6081 ,代僱的駕駛​為 吳 冠儀 ,若您不希望出租車輛,請直接聯絡駕駛​。


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April 4, 2018 at 6:16 am

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This ⚾️ Season, I honor my college baseball coach. I went to the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS bitchezz!!!!

And I ❤️ ⚾️, love-how-⚾️-is-crypto-and-hieroglyphic, ❤️ that Coach Garrido’s talking cadence is a model for “douchebag whispering”. I’m might be the largest waste of baseball talent ever but I do a ton with my sub 100 IQ

Sent from my personal iPhone XIII number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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March 18, 2018 at 5:32 pm

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Tech Office Hours with AWS at SXSW

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Blogged from my personal iPhone XIII number that Steve Jobs texted me on

From: “Warner, Corbin”
Date: March 8, 2018 at 3:49:20 PM CST
To: “sxsw-aws-startups” <sxsw-aws-startups>
Subject: Technical Office Hours with AWS

Written by Larry Chiang

March 9, 2018 at 2:37 pm

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Brotocols… How women can run mentor mentee protocols better than men run their own brotocols

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guION-cZ_normal.jpg Shuchi Rana (@autkast)
2/5/18, 11:26 AM
How Silicon Valley Came to Be a Land of ‘Bros’ nyti.ms/2GNVSxE. Looking forward to reading “Brotopia”, @emilychangtv & congratulations!

[insert Brotopia book cover]

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
2/5/18, 12:34 PM
I feel a @women2 blog post forming that i would like to read, “Brotocols. How we as women can run mentor mentee protocols better than men run their own brotocols” cc @Just_Kate @emilychangtv @BradStone twitter.com/autkast/status…
hNeAT6w4_normal.jpg Kate Brodock (@Just_Kate)
2/6/18, 6:57 AM
@LarryChiang @women2 @emilychangtv @BradStone This is actually a great idea 😛 PS @emilychangtv would love to review your book for @women2!

By Larry Chiang

I am an expert crasher. I crash parties. I crash industries. I crash business schools and law schools too in executing protocol “crasher to vip speaker”* Heck, I even crashed a gender 😉 What’s unbelievable is that I crashed a legislative body [Congress] and passed #HR627.

These things I confess not so that you will be impressed or intimidated. It’s to catalyze a visceral reaction. My goal is to cause temporary confusion so that we look at our circumstance in a new perspective… I reveal these confessed truths because low risk protocols exist to help us to infiltrate a club, get access to networks and subterfuge the walls that prohibit. Side doors, backdoors, catapulting-over-walls, Trojan horsing or parasite-ly starting up a startup using legal protocol #ExternalAPI. In short, we are being street smart doing brotocols as women. My goal will be to reduce brotocols to its very base core so that we can have an actionable article to helps us to level up!

There is no defense in the real world. There are not 11 men on an NFL defense actively trying to keep us down. This dynamic is why ex athletes do so well in technical sales. You go from experiencing active defenders to passive D or no defense at all.

I call these accelerated networking techniques, brotocols. I am already friends with women who execute brotocols better than men do. Here is what to pay attention to, more of where brotocols came from and how brotocols can benefit us in a tactile, specific, safe and step-wise, way.

What’s a brotocol. Brotocols are boy learned, man taught man-to-man protocols. Think, signature business recipes. These recipes and brotocols are for trying get party invitations**, trying to get vc money we don’t yet deserve*** or/and trying to get dates with women who are out of our league. Brotocols are the offense in the asymmetric start of relationships. Brotocols came from relationship starting upping. You may find it offensive brotocols exist…

Where did brotocols come from:

There are protocols inside “Pick Up Artist” lairs. It’s men teaching men how to PUA (pick up artist). Men have learned from other men how to talk to women even though women have zero interest. Men. Are. Pigs.

While I am not a pig, I did go get in the mud to learn these dating tips, strategies, techniques and ideas. File them under Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am not a pig. I’m a starfish, dammit. But, I went and learned from the sexually frustrated men who were and are constantly getting rejected. In an effort to rise from the rejection, they learn the practice of brotocolling.

The super majority of these brotocol skills transfer into the specific skill of HOW TO WOO A MENTOR WHO IS WAYYYYYY TO BUSY to MENTOR US****

Women can run the following brotocols better than men.

Messaging ratios.

Men from ivy schools rely and expect one to one messaging ratios. This is not how the street works. Street smart means asymmetric messaging ratios.

Run brotocol “asymmetry-in-messaging-ratios” by being okay with unrequited text messages.

Man Charm.”
Man charm is heterosexual man to heterosexual man, charm. We are trying to charm people for a verrrry valuable resource: time.

Women, run brotocol, “man charm” for a 10-15 telephone conversation with a vc. Ask for a small fund, fundraise. Or…OR if you just like to judge stuff but not execute, you can charm an LP to make YOU the vc. A Limited Partner is pretty easy to find on social media and they are dying to fund us. [{We aren’t talking about a $20,000,000 first fund but we are talking about $200k free to invest. See @naval’s feed}]

Women already know how to charm! So start charming people with compliments. There is no better compliment than a person who…

Motivational listening.

Men are horrible listeners. Half the time, men are just waiting to talk. Men who are losers will actually interrupt and argue with their potential mentor. Men will actually “neg” [negative] another alpha male in the attempt to knock them down (so that the asymmetric relationship is made more symmetric. Sound familiar?!?

We as women can listen better. Take notes. And then follow up to close for a deal. We can listen better and then close for a next step. Women can listen better and thus access a small deal under $1,000 that leads to larger checks. Here are two brotocols that are really just my mentor’s regular protocol from a 1983 book
– brotocol #InternalEscrow
– brotocol #OneWayLetterOfIntent

A brotocol is simply a signature business recipe. My protocols are organized by Hashtag because my mentor Mark McCormack does not tweet and he certainly does not write computer code.

After running brotocols…, the problem is too much success. Brotocols when run by women lead to more money and more access and more accolades. And this brings us to another issue I have already written about here are women 2.o: “Imposter Syndrome”

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February 8, 2018 at 4:09 pm

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Update from Larry Chiang 6502838008 is me on twitter. Re Celebs. Minneapolis sbLii. And cool stuff super Bowl 52

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Hi Nancy,

I’m the “official Brady-the Shih Tzu Photographer and ‘handler'”!!

Wells Fargo museum. Wells has an exchange rate of 0.1729 🇨🇳to $1.00 🇺🇸as of 11:11 1-31-18

Brady is meeting Courtney and friends from “the 412”, aka Pittsburgh, at the Westin (his home HQ while away from the Bay Area). Yes, the Westin Hotel is verrrrry pupp friendly

2017 Houston.

Photo credit Radisson Hotel Food and Bev mgr Michelle.

2016. San Franchise-cisco

Here, at Minneapolis #SBlii I am counting #MMPPI. Mentor Mentions Per Press Interview.

Steve Kerr exploded with 5 mentor mentions in 25 sec while accepting this, his sixth shiny ball and cone. He coaches a Silicon Valley based basketball organization called the Golden State “Warriors”.

On Jan 31, 2018, at 10:25 AM, Nancy Ngo wrote:

Hi Larry,

Are you attending as a fan? For work? Where are you based out of?
(This will be handy context if we repost stuff you send…)

My cell is

On Jan 30, 2018, at 9:23 PM, Larry Chiang (CEO Duck9) <lawrence.chiang> wrote:


It’s Larry Chiang. I’ll text you about the events I attend. What’s your best email. What’s your best cell number


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January 31, 2018 at 5:33 pm

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How One Way Letter of Intent Works

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How One Way Letter of Intent Works. You get a customer to agree to 5 milestones. And then you expand to 35 milestones. Details. They matter to me and Kobe Bryant

Written by Larry Chiang

January 29, 2018 at 9:55 pm

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An Advanced Guide to Underwriting Tokens

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Hey ya’ll,

Many people ask me “How can you tell if a token is a scam?”. I’ve created a primer of curated hashtag that forks deep into undewriting as fast the the sands shift underneath our crypto feet

Enjoy and please share with a friend.

Embed 1000 tweets tagged, “#cs183uwct; Underwriting crypto Tokens

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December 8, 2017 at 5:36 pm

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