What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

‪email was changed to uuzmkihsda@bk.ru?!? ‬

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ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
10/22/17, 6:46 PM
email is changed to uuzmkihsda?!? pic.twitter.com/04KVR59lea

I am Larry Pretty easy email to remember. And real!!

‪email is changed to uuzmkihsda?!? ‬


‪email is changed to uuzmkihsda?!? ‬


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October 23, 2017 at 3:40 am

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The Hot Dog Session NOTES at Internet Identity Workshop

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By Larry Chiang

Internet Identity Workshop! The unconference format is amazing and Kaliya, your facilitation was great!!

Hot Dog Session speaker: Larry Chiang
Notes: No one.

No one took notes except for an Austinite who is going to double his Silicon Valley Bank credit line in Austin (near #98SanJacinto 🙂

Here are the Hot Dog Session notes

There is a set of prior art and prior work de la Hot Dogs…

unBDeD8A_normal.jpeg Kaliya-IdentityWoman (@IdentityWoman)
5/19/09, 3:01 PM
RT: @LarryChiang If u need a 1000 calorie hot dog at @ #IIW #iiw8 tweet #larryChiang or #090909 to reserve one. Quantities are limited

2009. Josh McHugh

The Twitter accounts that pattern recognize my making hot dogs is well documented

John Panzer, thank you. And I’m horrified to say that since iiw8, the American credit literacy has been about the same.

pvw3gTO-_normal.jpg Liza Sabater 🇵🇷👸🏾 (@blogdiva)
5/19/09, 3:24 PM
@jpanzer does @LarryChiang ever work? all i see him twittering about are hot dogs and parties 😀

So there is a protocol to the madness.I make hot dogs because food is required if you’re going to speak on “Financial literacy”. Putting both words together is as unpopular as getting people to read a 1989 paper book about 1970’s laws

Plot spoiler: my mentor’s, Gerri Detweiler’s, book describes optimizing credit scores under a set of laws that were “coded” (pun and double entendre intended 🙂 prior to the inventions of web-email-GitHub [but not StackOverFlow*]

*More on that in the footnotes.

Hahahaa, the 17th edition is exactly the first printing but with a prettier cover.

INSTEAD of nomenclating, Hot Dog Session NOTES I really really wanted to call it, “the signature business recipe, #poBox105281, which is only working API to network asymmetricly with Experian, Trans Union and Equifax”

Yup, the three 🇺🇸 credit bureaus are bullying us by hiding our own raw credit files from us.

The Hot Dog sessions notes are about this ONE PICTURE which gets complicated in a hurry

– The normal consumer incorrectly thinks that all mail sent to P.O. Box 105281 is just discarded, thrown away and left unopened BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES THROW AWAY THEIR OWN mail.

– The common-sense thinking consumer thinks printing out the PDF and writing your social security number in black ink is bad.

– The normal college age consumer really only listens to me because
(a) there was a good food transfer (a slice of pizza or a hot dog)
(b) they have seen my really, really good looking face on one of the 2800 youTube videos or 3,000 Duck9 blog posts

– the normal consumer expects a company to answer the telephone or transact via email. The average American consumer

– Normal people have the reasonable expectation that their data is not leaked by an organization such as Equifax.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
10/20/17, 10:04 AM
#iiw25 notes to 🖨 Re hidden App Protocol Interface method to “network” the 3-bureaus📲
#10✉️ twitter.com/identitywoman/…

Here are the questions I got from iiw25 audience: “What’s a #10 envelope?”
A number 10 envelope is a size of envelope.

An 8 1/2 X11 piece of paper 3-folds into a #10 envelope.

Question: How much does it cost to buy a social security number?
Answer: If you’re willing to buy 500,000, they only cost one dollar each.

You’re mailing your social security number. Stealing the one number Carries a possible prison term of 3-years in a federal pen. Being in possession of 2,000,000 numbers has never been prosecuted since I started selling credit card application out of my engineering school’s dorm at UIUC.

Food helps your execute protocol #CTCFTR (I embed this Stanford Engineering video to exemplify that my IQ is pushing 500 but still willing to do an arts-and-crafts looking project

Hot dogs are also good for mitigating DUI’s in Sabastopol during FooCamp.

*StackOverFlow is when your positive credit information over flows the filters set up to ensure you have credit derogatories

Written by Larry Chiang

October 21, 2017 at 2:04 am

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My Party Plan at Dreamforce Thx @Apttus

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Your Complete Dreamforce Party List

View All Parties

Outfierce 2017: Surf Camp
When: Monday 11/6 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Where: 1015 Folsom
The Official Outforce party at Dreamforce
Aviso Pre-Dreamfest Happy Hour
When: Tuesday 11/7 4:00 PM-7:00 PM
Where: District SF
Join Aviso and Groove for a pre-Dreamfest happy hour during Dreamforce 2017
Celebrate at Night Happy Hour 3
When: Wednesday 11/8 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Where: Tropisueño taqueria and restaurant

Mingle with your peers while enjoying hors d’oevures and an open bar

BrightFunnel RevWorld
When: Wednesday 11/8 6:00 PM-9:30 PM
Where: Gaspar Brasserie
Escape the hustle and bustle of Dreamforce and be immersed in a one-of-a-kind Revworld experience
Upgrade Your Dreamforce Experience
Enter to win a host of amazing prizes, courtesy of Apttus, including 2 Tickets to the Warriors vs. Timberwolves game on 11/8 at 7:00PM.
Enter to Win
Webinar | November 1, 2017
Join Apttus and an amazing lineup of Salesforce MVPs to learn how to get the most out of Dreamforce 2017. Hear all the secrets from getting around to the best swag Dreamforce has to offer.
Register Now

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October 13, 2017 at 10:13 pm

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By Larry Chiang

When five books ended, I went ahead and forked them.

Because gen pop don’t wanna read 10 books, I went ahead and wrote this summary of summaries. I hope I paid homage to my mentors!! http://www.harbus.org/2014/what-mr-peabody-can-teach-harvard-business-school-about-the-fifth-epiphany/

Written by Larry Chiang

October 12, 2017 at 6:23 am

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How Can I Read More on “Larry Chiang”?

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By Larry Chiang

Photo credit Nelda Pacquing. She speaks on user interfaces for AR/VR.

It’s AMA, every day. Ask Me Anything!

Where can I read more about you?

Hahahaahahaaa. I got this email after emailing. This was after the Crypto Economics Security Conference. Thank you for the question (that in my mind will double as a nice compliment)

When we said “hi” at Berkeley City Club during #CESC2017…, I was expanding on the concept my mentor taught me: “getting distribution at work-conferences“.

This leads to the multiple silos where multiple mentors have taught me verrrrry specific things. I took notes and typed them out onto Twitter. Each silo gets a hashtag. As you can guess, some mentors’ work overlap. Thus, there would be two hashtags.

For example,

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
7/22/17, 9:24 AM
@JessePruitt I love #ENGR145; #cs183; #cs183b; #cs183c; #Stramgt353. The content in textbooks is written at the 10th grade level but very counterintuive! pic.twitter.com/Yjy36AVHSf

Another example.
#WTDTYAHBS and #ch6

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
2/24/17, 8:47 AM
Mentorship, marketing #Ch5 flows right into #Ch6; #WTDTYAHBS
#ch5 -mentorship
#ch6 -sales gaps.com/teaching-sells/

The primary method I used to make my 💵 and use to make wealth (via stock and real estate speculation and capturing token potential energy) is duck9 – Duck9 exists because of two mentors:

I’ll strip the PII (personally identifiable info) and blog this because reiterating my “hobbies” (growth hacking) forked from my role at duck9. I started learning about crypto in February. But I have been trading chits (tokens) since I was a puppy.

Where can I read more about you?


Written by Larry Chiang

October 7, 2017 at 6:24 pm

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Brendon Burchard Audiobook (excerpt)

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Six evidence-based habits were shown to lead to long-term success in one of the largest and most comprehensive global studies of high performers ever done.

The habits can be broken into two categories, personal and social.



  1. Envision the Future Four. Have vision and consistently set clear intentions for who you want to be each day, how you want to interact with others, what skills you must to develop to win in the future, and how you can make a difference and serve with excellence. Never enter a situation without thinking through these four categories (self, social, skills, service).
  2. Determine the Feeling You’re After. Ask yourself frequently, “What is the primary feeling I want to bring to this situation, and what is the primary feeling I want to get from this situation?“ Don’t wait for emotions to land on you; choose and cultivate the feelings that you wish to consistently experience and share in life.
  3. Identify What Is Meaningful. Not everything that is achievable is important, and so achievement is not the issue—alignment is. Look to upcoming months and projects and determine what might bring you enthusiasm, connection, and satisfaction—then spend more time there. Always be asking, “How can I make this effort personally meaningful to me?”


  1. Release Tension, Set Intention. Use transitions between activities to renew your energy. Do this by closing your eyes, practicing deep breathing, and releasing tension in your body and thoughts in your mind. Try to do this at least once every hour. Once you feel tension lift, set a clear intention for your next activity, open your eyes, and get to work with vibrant focus.
  2. Bring the Joy. Be responsible for the energy you bring to your day and each situation in life. Focus especially on bringing joy to your activities. Anticipate positive outcomes from your actions, ask yourself questions that generate positive emotions, set triggers to remind you to be positive and grateful, and appreciate the small things and the people around you.
  3. Optimize Your Physical Health. If the demands of your life require you to learn quickly, deal with stress, be alert, pay attention, remember important things, and keep a positive mood, then you must take sleep, exercise, and nutrition more seriously. Work with your doctor and other professionals to optimize your health. You already know things you should be doing. Do them!


  1. Know Who Needs Your A-Game. You cannot become extraordinary without a sense that it’s absolutely necessary to excel, for yourself and for others. From now on, whenever you sit down at your desk, ask: “Who needs me on my A game the most right now? What about my identity and external obligations makes it imperative for me to deliver today?”
  2. Affirm the Why. When you verbalize something, it becomes more real and important to you. Speak your “why” to yourself out loud often, and share it with others. This will motivate you to live in congruence with your commitments. So the next time you want to increase your performance necessity, declare—to yourself and others—what you want and why you want it.
  3. Level Up Your Squad. Emotions and excellence are contagious, so spend more time with the most positive and successful people in your peer group. Then continue building your ideal network of supportive and empowering people. Ask, “How can I work with the best people as I embark on this next project? How can I inspire others to raise their standards?”



  1. Increase the Outputs that Matter. Determine the outputs that matter the most in determining your success, differentiation and contribution to your field or industry. Focus there, say no to almost everything else, and be prolific in creating those outputs with high standards of quality. Remember that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
  2. Chart Your Five Moves. Ask, “If there were only five major moves to make that goal happen, what would they be?” Think of each major move as a big bucket of activities, a project. Break the projects down into deliverables, deadlines, and activities. Once you’re clear on these things, put them into your calendar, and schedule the bulk of your time working on them.
  3. Get Insanely Good at Key Skills (Progressive Mastery). Determine the five major skills you need to develop over the next three years to grow into the person you hope to become. Then set out to develop those skills with obsessive focus through the ten steps of progressive mastery. The most important thing is to always be developing the critical skills to your future success.


  1. Teach People How to Think. In every situation of influence, prepare by asking yourself how do you want other people to think about (a) themselves, (b) other people, and (c) the world at large. Then go communicate that consistently. Shape people’s thinking by saying things like: “Think of it this way . . .” “What do you think about . . .” “What would happen if we tried . . .”
  2. Challenge People to Grow. Observe people’s character, connections and contributions, and actively challenge them to develop those things even further. Ask people if they gave their all, if they could be treating those around them better, and if they could give even more or serve with even greater excellence and distinction.
  3. Role Model the Way. Seventy-one percent of high performers say they think about being a role model daily. They want to be a good role model for their family, the team, and the greater community. So, ask, “How can I handle this situation in a way that will inspire others to believe in themselves, be their best, and serve others with integrity, heart and excellence?”


  1. Honor the Struggle. When you have the opportunity to learn and serve, you don’t complain about the effort involved. View struggle as a necessary, important, and positive part of your journey so that you can find true peace and personal power. Don’t bemoan the inevitable hardships of self-improvement and chasing your dreams; have reverence for challenge.
  2. Share Your Truth and Ambitions. The main motivation of humankind to be free, to express our true selves and pursue our dreams without restriction—to experience what may be called personal freedom. Follow this impulse by consistently sharing your true thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams with other people. Do not play small to placate others. Live your truth.
  3. Find Someone to Fight For. We need a noble cause to rise for. High performers tend to make that cause just one person—they want to fight for that person so they can be safe, improve, or live a better quality of life. You will do more for others than for yourself. And in doing something for others, you will find our reason for courage, and your cause for focus and excellence.

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October 5, 2017 at 1:30 am

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B School Heidi Roizen Case

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To: “Larry Chiang (CEO Duck9)” <lawrence.chiang>
Subject: B School Heidi Case


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September 26, 2017 at 5:09 pm

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