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The Hot Dog Session NOTES at Internet Identity Workshop

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By Larry Chiang

Internet Identity Workshop! The unconference format is amazing and Kaliya, your facilitation was great!!

Hot Dog Session speaker: Larry Chiang
Notes: No one.

No one took notes except for an Austinite who is going to double his Silicon Valley Bank credit line in Austin (near #98SanJacinto 🙂

Here are the Hot Dog Session notes

There is a set of prior art and prior work de la Hot Dogs…

unBDeD8A_normal.jpeg Kaliya-IdentityWoman (@IdentityWoman)
5/19/09, 3:01 PM
RT: @LarryChiang If u need a 1000 calorie hot dog at @ #IIW #iiw8 tweet #larryChiang or #090909 to reserve one. Quantities are limited

2009. Josh McHugh

The Twitter accounts that pattern recognize my making hot dogs is well documented

John Panzer, thank you. And I’m horrified to say that since iiw8, the American credit literacy has been about the same.

pvw3gTO-_normal.jpg Liza Sabater 🇵🇷👸🏾 (@blogdiva)
5/19/09, 3:24 PM
@jpanzer does @LarryChiang ever work? all i see him twittering about are hot dogs and parties 😀

So there is a protocol to the madness.I make hot dogs because food is required if you’re going to speak on “Financial literacy”. Putting both words together is as unpopular as getting people to read a 1989 paper book about 1970’s laws

Plot spoiler: my mentor’s, Gerri Detweiler’s, book describes optimizing credit scores under a set of laws that were “coded” (pun and double entendre intended 🙂 prior to the inventions of web-email-GitHub [but not StackOverFlow*]

*More on that in the footnotes.

Hahahaa, the 17th edition is exactly the first printing but with a prettier cover.

INSTEAD of nomenclating, Hot Dog Session NOTES I really really wanted to call it, “the signature business recipe, #poBox105281, which is only working API to network asymmetricly with Experian, Trans Union and Equifax”

Yup, the three 🇺🇸 credit bureaus are bullying us by hiding our own raw credit files from us.

The Hot Dog sessions notes are about this ONE PICTURE which gets complicated in a hurry

– The normal consumer incorrectly thinks that all mail sent to P.O. Box 105281 is just discarded, thrown away and left unopened BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES THROW AWAY THEIR OWN mail.

– The common-sense thinking consumer thinks printing out the PDF and writing your social security number in black ink is bad.

– The normal college age consumer really only listens to me because
(a) there was a good food transfer (a slice of pizza or a hot dog)
(b) they have seen my really, really good looking face on one of the 2800 youTube videos or 3,000 Duck9 blog posts

– the normal consumer expects a company to answer the telephone or transact via email. The average American consumer

– Normal people have the reasonable expectation that their data is not leaked by an organization such as Equifax.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
10/20/17, 10:04 AM
#iiw25 notes to 🖨 Re hidden App Protocol Interface method to “network” the 3-bureaus📲
#10✉️ twitter.com/identitywoman/…

Here are the questions I got from iiw25 audience: “What’s a #10 envelope?”
A number 10 envelope is a size of envelope.

An 8 1/2 X11 piece of paper 3-folds into a #10 envelope.

Question: How much does it cost to buy a social security number?
Answer: If you’re willing to buy 500,000, they only cost one dollar each.

You’re mailing your social security number. Stealing the one number Carries a possible prison term of 3-years in a federal pen. Being in possession of 2,000,000 numbers has never been prosecuted since I started selling credit card application out of my engineering school’s dorm at UIUC.

Food helps your execute protocol #CTCFTR (I embed this Stanford Engineering video to exemplify that my IQ is pushing 500 but still willing to do an arts-and-crafts looking project

Hot dogs are also good for mitigating DUI’s in Sabastopol during FooCamp.

*StackOverFlow is when your positive credit information over flows the filters set up to ensure you have credit derogatories

Written by Larry Chiang

October 21, 2017 at 2:04 am

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