What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering About Innovation Chasms

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By Larry Chiang

To give you some context, I took something complicated and innovative to successfully cross the chasm. I used pizza. People care zero about a dApp. People love hot cheese pizza. People care zero about a dApp that helps them avoid hard inquires. People love pizza, puppies and ice cream

Stanford startups die in the chasm.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
8/10/17, 9:25 AM
You +the pension fund you manage may not understand ICOs. But, this s’mores kit from @RitzCarltonHMB should alleviate and assuage #cs183ico twitter.com/wsjcs/status/8…

Solid line = s’mores kit.
— = initial coin offering

Let us look at the limo service Uber. In 2010, black town cars were available if you knew where the App Store was (limo passengers could barely dial an iPhone )

Enter, ice cream

So let us look at the innovation chasm again…

Solid line = ice cream.
“—” = uber.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
8/10/17, 5:08 PM
@jowyang Solid line = ice cream.
“—” = uber.
#CTCFTR leverages the truth that people like ice cream more than the Uber bit.ly/buster14512w pic.twitter.com/Rt4jecGCwt

Written by Larry Chiang

August 11, 2017 at 12:54 am

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