What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

Calm Before the Storm’s Storm

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Hi there,

I am Larry – Its nice to meet you via Email. I am looking forward to meeting you. Sorry if this email has typos as I am banging it out on two thumbs sans spellcheck

This event is sold out and will be full. If you cannot make it, please email me back. Also, I would like to interact with you before the event

– What kind of goals do you have for sxsw.
– Did you have a great sxsw, last year.
– What hump can sxsw help you cross
– If I were to invite you to dinner at the same location from 745pm-9, would you have a $15 budget?

Look, thank you for reading all the way down this far… From 745-9pm, me and some friends are going to preparty with a dinner. My treat. To hold your spot for the 15 dollar dinner, PayPal me $10 to my email, “LarryChiang@duck9.com”. When you show up btwn 720-8pm, I will refund your ten bucks and treat you to dinner. Its rebated IF you show up because coordinating a big table reservation is a pain 😉

Alternatively, you can just show up at 730 to be waitlisted for dinner but
– it wont be free
– 2, there may not be room

OK. So there are a crap ton of silicon Valley investors wanting entry into this party. If you want to wrangle these bay area investors in…, I will let you keep 100% of the sponsorship fee that YOU charge them.


Crazy, isn’t it!?!!

Let me repeat, for all sponsorships you sell. You keep 100%

At past events, I collected money at the door for last minute RSVPs. The event was already profitable so the door money was ALL GRAVY. So, I let my volunteers split the door 50-50.

Here, I will let you split the $$$ 0-100. I get $0. You get 100%

Let me know what you sell the sponsor for and I willl make them a button. For example, you sell Sequoia on a $2000, I will make a button for 2000. I am doing this because touching money and passing thru money is the detail of money that verrrrry few people get correct.

I am sure you have questions. I have a cellphone number that is pretty much everywhere

— Larry

P.S. Investors are emailing me and if you respond to this email, I will parse out the email leads as I get them in chronological order


Written by Larry Chiang

February 26, 2017 at 7:30 pm

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