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Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

3 Idiot Mistakes I See Time and Time with Men’s Credit Card, Credit Scores

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Naperville, ILLINOIS
Thanksgiving 2016

By Larry Chiang

Credit has been my effort since sophomore year in college. The industry changes you. See UCMS 630-235-3700

address 2021 Midwest Road, Oak Brook Illinois 60521.

I’m a credit expert because of my effort.

I super imposed my face on Reid Travis’ body because his eye is in the goal [and his feet, shoulders, hips, chest are in perfect offensive rebounding position]

Here are top 3 mistakes we men make:

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
11/22/16, 9:41 AM
10 Idiot Mistakes I See Time and Time with Men’s Credit Card, Credit Scores [START] @LarryChiang pic.twitter.com/xZ7XrW7KA2
ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
11/22/16, 9:36 AM
1 of 10/ @LarryChiang
Credit and credit rules are pretty counterintuitive. Few young men do well w/o a mentor. Mine was Gerri -Get her book pic.twitter.com/PbN4vt02Lj

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
11/22/16, 9:31 AM
#2. “It’s a mistake to wait for a “@waze-for-navigation-to-a-FICO-of-800″ startup.
Act, now & beat the #Catch22ofFICO“–@LarryChiang pic.twitter.com/L8IY1CFWZL

“Senator Elizabeth Warren, I Larry Chiang (if you’re not me, use your name) am cc-ing you because the Experian, the Trans Union and the Equifax are not honoring my written request to access my credit reports. This is my 2nd attempt in 2016.”

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
11/22/16, 9:26 AM
#3 (on deaf ears): 49c, USPS stamps on #31envelopes is like writing to the cerebral cortex in a @WestworldHBO world called *credit*. Brutal pic.twitter.com/n4fN9SbXNO

Download Twitter to search inside Twitter for credit knowledge nuggets you can’t find anywhere else. {I hid the best secrets in plain view :-}


Written by Larry Chiang

November 26, 2016 at 6:14 pm

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