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AMERICAN Greetings at SXSW

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Unedited by Larry Chiang

Hi—This just in. We’ve added John Kunz, owner of Waterloo Records, to our speaker lineup for Saturday, March 12th at 11:00am. During his talk “Why Are You So Into Vinyl?”, John Kunz, owner of Austin’s iconic independent record store, Waterloo Records, and Matt Reilly, Program Director of independent radio station 98.9 KUTX-FM, will discuss the unexpected return of music in analog form. Topics will include the power of listening to music amongst friends, the reward of discovery in a record store, why vinyl is having its best sales year since the early 80’s, and the joy of human connections made through music.

In addition to the speaker line up highlighted on the JPEG below (click to add to calendar), we also have a variety of analog creations happening in the space.

We have availability for onsite or phone interviews with the artists per your interest. Analog by American Greetings is located at 325 E 6th Street in Austin and is open daily (March 12- 14) from 8:30am-5:00pm.

All Day, Every day: Live artist wall featuring Kelsey Montague (Kelsey will create a one-of-a-kind mural using cards as her canvas), Selfie Stitch Station, American GIFings, #NoFilter (An app-free way to add real typography to you pics and cards), Post and Brew Station (free coffee, pastries, and cards).

Saturday, March 12

DIY Print Making: Design original content without ever touching a computer screen. American Greetings artists will demonstrate printmaking methods with easily acquired materials to create unique original monoprints. Watch, learn, participate and bring your art home with you.

Analog Talks by: John Kunz (Owner of Waterloo Records), Sougwen Chung, Aaron James Draplin

Sunday, March 13

Paper Engineering: Old school meets new school as American Greetings paper engineers demonstrate how to make a pop-up card and how to do it yourself with modern, easy-to-follow, paper folding techniques.

Analog Talks by: Rob Walker, Stefan Sagmeister

Monday, March 14

Conveying Emotion through Lettering: In a world filled with type, hand-lettering brings words to life. American Greetings artists will share how styles of lettering influence the way a message is conveyed and demonstrate some DIY techniques and how these techniques add more genuine emotion to everything.

Analog Talks by: Shantell Martin, David Rees, David Sax


Written by Larry Chiang

March 9, 2016 at 11:27 pm

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