What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

Safe Selling and Promotion (behind a computer) for Austin City Limits as a Tech Co-founder {5 of 8}

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By Larry Chiang

Selling in the real world is really risky because your feelings could get hurt.

Here is how to do sales from behind a computer.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
10/10/14, 9:53 AM
Todo 4 u: take
bitly/ @mcuban 710
sell Power Cords

The practice gets you cash positive without having to buy inventory. You sell first and then buy it. You sell first and then code it.

ZN0VKUOa_normal.jpg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
10/2/15, 8:16 AM
Promoting and Selling as a Tech Founder at Austin City Limits (7 of 8) …tteachyouatstanfordbusinessschool.com/blog/2015/10/0… pic.twitter.com/qD053tbSQG

Sales and promotion are hinted at in this video for tech founders in the Bay Area:


Written by Larry Chiang

October 2, 2015 at 4:15 pm

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