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How To Speak Startup, Part Deux

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Top Startup Terms: 2016.

– fauxBoating. Pretending to live in SF when you just have a 415 Google voice number.
– the MIT of Taiwan.
– JarGashTag
– PadThai Profitable
– what #altair8800 might this Unicorn be!?
– startupLJackson follows me


Given the massive influx of capital that we are currently enduring in Silicon Valley, TechCrunch has decided to take another crack at the lexicon of the moment to help everyone understand just what people mean when they say things that make you want to snag them by the hair and give them a noogie.

Following our previous entry, this list is an expansion — we are here to help, after all. If you disagree with one of our definitions, please do the following: Take your headphones off, quietly leave the building, find the bay, throw your phone into it, and then stick your head in the sand.

We love you too1. Here we go:

“We Do Things that Don’t Scale” – We host lots of expensive “launch parties” in various cities, mostly so we can spend time catching up with our friends who aren’t good enough to work…

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Written by Larry Chiang

July 31, 2015 at 5:16 pm

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