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Exclusive invitation ‘become a Foursquare Insider’

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Foursquare <noreply>
Date: June 16, 2015 at 5:02:19 AM PDT
To: larry
Subject: Exclusive invitation: become a Foursquare Insider

Get access to special perks and rewards

You’re the best of the best, Larry Chiang.

You’re all about finding great places and sharing your insider knowledge with others. Every tip you leave, place you rate, or venue you edit makes Foursquare better for everyone.
That’s why we’d like to invite you to become a Foursquare Insider, giving you access to:

Special Contests
& Giveaways

Exclusive Invites
to Special Events

Opportunities to
Get Free Stuff

Help Us Shape
Product & Marketing

If you’d like to join this insider program, just click the button below to complete your acceptance form.
Join now!

You are receiving this invite because you are…

An explorer

Whether it’s uncovering hidden gems in your neighborhood or finding the best places to visit in a new city, you use Foursquare to discover new places and are the go-to friend for recommendations.

A contributor

You’re all about good karma. By keeping business information up to date, rating the places you know, or leaving tips, you make Foursquare better for others. We (and the people) thank you!

About good vibes

You’re a lover, not a hater. You positively interact with people and places on Foursquare, making life a little better by adding a smile or sharing a secret with folks around you.
Don’t have the Foursquare app? Get it for your phone:
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Download from Windows Store
Never miss out on exciting news, product updates, and special announcements.
Add us to your address book so your emails don’t get stuck in inbox limbo.
This message was sent to larry. Please remember you can always go to your User Settings page to adjust your account and contact info, privacy controls, email preferences and options linking to Twitter and Facebook. To opt out of these emails, click here. Foursquare Labs, Inc., 568 Broadway, NY, NY 10012 – www.foursquare.com4sq.pixel.png?id=eo-blast_2015_mktg_week25_Foursquare_Insider_Invite_non_SU-557f3c44498e5b6ac5243324-136188&t=e&sig=CbMPOcz8BZTllbm3aNkbxQo6LCM%3Dpixel?google_nid=foursquare_ddp&google_cm&google_sc&provider=d&source=email&externalId=pmRQXmAcurOOuEJzGZtBFqYJpx?_pid=12180&_psign=85ee0ffb46f83a0fe0dddd8a5c629a77&_redirect=https%3A%2F%2Ffoursquare.com%2F4sq.atpix%3Fid%3D%24%7BUUID%7D%26provider%3Db%26source%3Demail%26externalId%3DpmRQXmAcurOOuEJzGZtBFqYJ


Written by Larry Chiang

June 16, 2015 at 2:26 pm

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