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3 Job Titles Put Founder in Jeopardy of Getting Fired

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By Larry Chiang

I sit first chair entrepreneur in silicon valley. It means I sit in front rows and take notes. It also means I am the secretary (and only person who brought pen and paper) to a board meeting.

My favorite question from the front row = ‘Can you repeat that.’

Here are 3 job titles that signal, “Founder is likely to get fired”

– COO. Chief Operating Officer

Peter Thiel, VC at Founders Fund said in a Stanford CS class, “COO is a person you hire to eventually replace the founder-CEO.” When you hear, “we hired David Sachs.” Something’s up.

– VP Marketing.

Need scale? Got a team of founders waiting for a growth hacking savior!?! Well…, spoiler alert. Founders should focus on sales. Not marketing. It isnt just me and 20 experts telling you. That is strait from a YC partner, Jessica Livingston http://bit.ly/jlivingston710(<~~ click for the WSJ article she penned)

I would boil down a snippet of a quote, the the whole WSJ article points to the danger inherent in a “VP of Marketing”. Because that is not the savior you’re looking for. The first questions VCs ask of they like your technology, “What are you going to do for DISTRIBUTION?”

Speaking of faux saviors, the most dangerous job title = “VP sales”

“Hiring a vp sales just sets a ticking clock on when the founders are to be fired”


Written by Larry Chiang

May 22, 2015 at 2:53 am

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