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Forget The Oscars, Last Weekend’s Biggest Snub Was Comic-Con

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The most important thing is #Launching

They don’t pay you to act, they pay you to make sure your opening weekend is awesome.


Editor’s note:Tobi Bauckhage is the CEO and co-founder of Moviepilot, a media company focusing on entertainment news and fan content.

The most important entertainment industry event so far this year happened last weekend, but it wasn’t the Oscars. In fact, it’s likely that you had no idea it happened unless you’re plugged in to geek culture in a big way.

Last Saturday morning, badges for 2015’s San Diego International Comic-Con went on sale. They sold out in under an hour, breaking the previous record set last year by half an hour. For an event that draws 130,000 visitors, and roughly 220,000 people to downtown San Diego every year, that’s the kind of demand that builds empires. But even this wasn’t a true measure of actual fan demand, because tickets are capped at 130,000, which includes vendors, fans, volunteers and organizers. There were thousands upon thousands more prepared to plunk down $185 for…

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Written by Larry Chiang

March 1, 2015 at 6:30 pm

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