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How to Run a “Top 100 Corporate Blog” via “Dickie”, the Duck9 Mascot

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logo_normal.png Dickie Duck9 Mascot (@duck9)
2/25/15, 9:20 AM
The “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” blog

By Larry Chiang

I caught up with the hardest working mascot in the industry, Dickie-the-Duck9-mascot. He just won. I asked him questions via SMS (@1-650-283-8008)

Larry Chiang asking Chris Peacock questions at SXSW Film Festival.

Larry Chiang with Dickie (dressed up for St Patrick’s day.

LARRY CHIANG: Dickie, what drives you to do all you do!?

DICKIE: As a mascot, I’m honored to be recognized with awards and accolades. But the credit goes to my mentor D. Duck. He outlived his creator Walt. D., and in many ways out-shined him.

LARRY CHIANG: You mean the legendary Donald Duck or “Puddles”?

DICKIE: I’m blogging answers to your questions at my blog, duck9.com/blog

Text me (415-720-8500) the rest of the interview…


Written by Larry Chiang

February 25, 2015 at 6:31 pm

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