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Problems of SXSW Party Curation… The Zoola Fix

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by Larry Chiang

“Being popular is a part time job”
— Larry Chiang

Popularity in school was a part time job. Now, after high school, popularity takes the effort of a part-time job. I see party curation and party promotion and party attendance as a hobby. An expensive hobby. But, there are some benefits of going to Super Bowl parties and music festival parties.

For example, the SXSW music festival. South by Southwest has networking parties we VIPs go to…

The WIFM (whats in it for me) portion is this: You can start a startup to make money. You can start a lemonade stand business. For example, “Zoola Fix” is a startup new to London. It solves the problem that London tourists are clueless and wanna party. It then connects tourists and locals looking for a good time with “Fixers,”. Fixers are the platform’s name for “well-connected partygoers”. In the same way I party at Sundance, Super Bowl, South by Southwest music festival SXSW and Mercedes Benz’s, New York Fashion Week, Zoola Fix knows the city of London’s hottest nightspots and how to get inside.

Event curation is how Chris McCann started and sold “The Startup Digest

Maybe you can do a pop up internship and do an events curation project. Make money selling the curated list for SXSW. Guess what is your cost if you get it from me, larry chiang??

zero cost!!!!!

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Written by Larry Chiang

January 25, 2015 at 4:25 pm

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