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Going to Trade Shows Like it Matters – Part 1

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All of your startup’s effort should be getting every marketing dollar spent. It should cone back in the form of “revenue” BEFORE THE EVENT.
Execute the business recipes that Professor Blank hasn’t read about tradeshow Return on Investment via the Gua Gua Guacamole method. Specifically,
– Using #EUTWMPPM to sell out your PRE tradeshow party
– Waitlisting your co-founder to speak at that trade show

– going from Crasher to VIP
– Waitlisting yourself for free tradeshow booth

– getting leads via Slideshare for “How to Do What DUCK9 Does Without Having to Hire Duck9
– EUTWMPPM before the tradeshow
– Lever #LCATC (it’s air traffic controlling a
– PRE Blog the tradeshow using #LTMVBP

Steve Blank

Ignore This Post
If you’re selling via the web and trade shows are something your grandfather told you about, ignore this post.  If you’re in markets that still exhibit at them (semiconductors, communications, enterprise software, medical devices, etc.,) you know they’re expensive in time, dollars and resources.

I wrote this “Going to Trade Shows Like it Matters” memo as a board member after I saw our company at a trade show. My observation was that they had the “Going to Trade Shows” part down, they just needed to add the “Like it Matters.”


To: Marketing Department
From: Steve
Subject: Going to Trade Shows Like it Matters

Setting Clear Trade Show Objectives
There’s no use going to a show if you don’t know why.  Answers like, “because our competitors are there,” or “because it’s on our calendar,” or even “because I think we should,” don’t cut it.  (Remember…

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Written by Larry Chiang

November 20, 2014 at 4:13 am

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