What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

The AfterParty to UIUC’s Silicon Valley Tour

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By Larry Chiang

I just wanna say, “if you’re not down with the NPD model (Naperville park district model), please leave.

The NPD model is where I as a 7yo got mentorship for $50 bucks. 8 weeks of baseball training. #BillSeiple. Then the best of the best get scholarship offers to PAC 12. Same $50. No parents complain that the cost is too low

I installed the NPD “API” here in silicon valley to become the third and least important institution in Silicon Valley. The other two are YC and Stanford.

If you’re not an engineer, you can leave too. Seriously, all non engineers can close out this window

Ok, so you’re one CS kid of the special 25* that got picked to visit SF Jan 11-17. The afterparty is Jan 17, 18 and 19. Fly yourself back Jan 20. So you’ll be back in Siebel Ctr Tues.

See the Robert Scoble video? He’s verrrrrry important. You can be my +5(it’s 5 +1s). Be my +1s to his birthday party Jan 17. More deets after you text me your United flight res code (it’s a six digit alpha numeric). My time is valuable so I only wanna talk to doers

This next post is meant to bake your 20 year old noodle. This uiuc silicon valley trip is meant to have ROI. Now that we are text message friends, you will have to do your part and google acronyms you don’t get. (btw, I got anointed an institution because I DJ’d five mentors by taking acronyms and putting a hashtag. Then, like GitHub/StackOverFlow, these hashtags became open source business subroutines.

For example #EUBM.

For example, #CS183Do.

For example #CSmajorCEO

For example, #EUTWMPPM. all google-able. And awesome. And free

JAN 19

9:59 video sums up 14 chapters of a book coming out 11-11-2019 “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School”

Heard of the Mom’s Day Fashion Show?! As a model, no one ever asked me: “Are you still mortar board Engineering?!” Yup, I got discovered there. I’m super hot and I sit @Fashion Week’s front row Don’t ask me if I quit being CEO…

What A Super Model {CEO} Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit http://www.slideshare.net/larrychiang/what-a-super-model-can-teach-a-harvard-mba-about-credit

American Express hosts me mentoring sorority girls about FICO scores at New York Fashion Week http://t.co/inxTmZAj

Jan 14 2015 is a Cal Stanford basketball game at Cal

Jan 15 2015 is a Stanford University job fair at HP /gates (1:30-5)

My video boils down (chemical engineering pun intended) HOW EXACTLY TO BE A #PurposefulAE (purposeful accidental entrepreneur SIGNATURE BUSINESS SUBROUTINE) and move right on the entrepreneur bell curve

Hunter Pence shared thoughts before winning WORLD SERIES’ Game #7

*I’m ok with you coming just for the afterparty.

What I mean is that 25 out of 30,000 is rough. I beat the odds and became a legendary institution of Silicon Valley by getting “3 Legendary Internships in a row”. Then published how to do what Larry Chiang did in a website my friends little brother coded up called The Facebook – It’s in a photo album of faces aptly titled: “3 Legendary Internships in a row”

Question: None of this makes any sense. Do you have ADD?
LARRY CHIANG ANSWER: Think of these blog posts as computer code. Youre only getting a snippet sample. It makes sense to CS kids who FOCUS. Focus on not getting demoralized. Focus on not skimming this. Focus on getting to a goal.

Q: What goal should I have as a CS student?
Answer: I’d set the goal to be entrepreneurial in how I get my next two internships. I’d start with self-starting my uiuc silicon valley tour.

Q: Should I get an MBA?
Answer: if you really did study CS, an MBA is like an elective in Econ 101. Ever take a Econ 300 level class?! Acing that shitake is easier than high school geometry freshman year at nchs w/ Mr Nelson. No offense Prof Husby (my Econ prof), but an MBA is like an elective for retards.

MBAs know OB, fin and accy. It’s all free. Fin is literally calculus for people that can’t add good. Accy is addition subtraction w/columns summarized into BS/IS (balance sheet / income statements). wanna optimize #EBITDA?! Learn to sell as a CS major and let some retard who makes sub 120k calculate that for us. OB is org behavior

Q: What’s your agenda? How do you benefit?
LC: My agenda is NPD. I’m sorry if you’re Indian or worse, Asian, and can’t believe how awesome I am. My country never snuck attack anyone. Ive a theory that your peoples lack of trust comes from all the raping and pillaging all yall do :-/ America, back-to-back world war champs, baby. Benefit. I’d be in your debt if you bought my mentors book: What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. It’s 1c on Amazon.

Oh, I’ve zero tolerance for any alcohol. I don’t care if you’re a 25 year old sophomore back in CS school because the Clippers didnt work out and now you’re back in Champaign playing baseball. You can’t drink during this 3 day “After Party”

PS: at Stanford, students do
– 3 legendary internships
– 5 Pop Up Interships
– 1 study abroad. Maybe
– co-term

Illinois, do you know what a co-term is?! At Illinois, you’re screwed when you miss a class and then are forced to be a super senior. The only way you graduate on time is if you enter college as a soph. At Stanford, co-term means you stay an extra year, get a masters degree. Right now, Stanford has kids playing sports on track for masters degrees. For example, the co-captains triumvirate for a varsity sport called basketball


Written by Larry Chiang

November 16, 2014 at 7:44 pm

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