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UK Startups Failing To Explain Equity To Employees

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We are all VCs right now. If you buy stock low and try to sell it for lower… you’re a VC managing the worst asset class in the history of Ass and Class.


Earlier this year TechCrunch promoted a “2014 Startup Salary Survey”, created by a number of credible players in the UK startup community. Enternships; Seedcamp; ICE; and Gordon & Eden came together to try to bring some clear data and transparency to the UK’s startup scene in terms of salaries, including data around the proliferation of share options amongst staff at startups. The survey managed to get 400 respondents, the vast majority from the UK, with a small percentage answering from outside the UK. Some 44% of respondents were co-founders.

The headline figures found that while almost 60% of startup employees have a ‘very clear’ idea of their equity position, over 40% of startup employees in predominantly UK startups are either unclear on how much equity they have in the company or know they have none at all. The average equity awarded to non-founders when entering companies…

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Written by Larry Chiang

October 28, 2014 at 7:23 am

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