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Hi-jacking 1SemesterStartup’s Speed Dating Event

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Appx $40 = cost of executing a signature business recipe called “#LTMVP” [Less Than Minimum Viable Party].

Value = high. Here is how

Wake up. Startup.

Today the uThinkTank team took a page out of our genius mentor Larry Chiang’s playbook and Hi-jacked an event and offered added value. This is kind of a tricky concept, but, as we discovered today, it can be very useful for piggy-backing off the momentum of other events.

How do you make someone else’s event your event as well? Show up with pizza, coffee, and water. If that doesn’t win over everyone there (and it absolutely will) you can enhance your party crashing technique by being an overall cool guy to everyone there. The event we hi-jacked was 1SemesterStartup’s Speed Dating event for student startups and mentors. The event started was scheduled to go from 6-8. So we held a Josh Baer Sanctioned Pre-party from 5:45-6 and then a Larry Chiang Sanctioned After-party from 8:01-8:30. We even got an extra 20-30 minutes during the pre-party because some of the mentors…

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Written by Larry Chiang

October 19, 2014 at 2:42 am

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