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Launch Your Startup at SXSW for $880

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If you’re a CS major, you should see conference agendas like computer science code that is riddled with gaps, errors, mistakes and gaps.
So, I said gaps twice because that is what we do as CS majors at conference events. Take the gaps we see and fill them.

Thus, as CS majors we can execute the business subroutine: “EUTWMPPM”


Cupcake socialWhen you talk to CS-major CEOs about whether they are launching at SXSW, you will get all sorts of lukewarm feedback. They’ll say SXSW is “too expensive” or “too competitive” or, more politically, “It’s not the best allocation of money for our pre-funded startup.” Promoting at SXSW is not hard for just CS majors. It is also hard for VCs, angel investors and MBAs.

But with a decent dose of street smarts, a dash of fortitude and a sprinkle of hustle, it is very possible to launch at SXSW for well under a grand — $880 bucks, to be exact.

1. Produce a prequel event

Before the Oscars in Los Angeles, there are a number of pre-parties. They are not sanctioned by the organization that produces the official Sunday night event. At SXSW, I take a page out of that playbook at do a pre-party to an event that I’m…

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Written by Larry Chiang

October 15, 2014 at 1:33 am

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