What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

Pop Up Internship #3 of 5 DTTDSBHM

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By Larry Chiang

My favorite on-going entrepreneurship story is Craig’sList

2011. At the sxsw Angel List party co-hosted by Silverton Partners and featuring Craig Newmark

Paul Graham featured Craig in PG’s best startup advice keynote

So, let us, me and you, do a pop up internship. It’s where we as engineers practice. It is where CS majors and me build distribution skills, communication skills all under the engineering skill subroutine: #DTTDSBHM

MOMENTUM (DTTDSBHM — u see what I did there? I made a subroutine to get you to build your GitHub resume by doing the toughest work: “Distribution”

H3K7B5Rw_normal.jpeg Alice Truong (@alicetruong)
4/24/14, 5:11 PM
One of @Airbnb‘s best pieces of advice came from @paulg: “It’s OK to do things that don’t scale.” live.fastcompany.com/Event/Airbnb_O… #openair

Down for more #DTTDSBHM ?!

2l_26aXt_normal.jpeg Renate Nyborg (@renate)
3/18/14, 9:35 AM
AirBnB cofounder: “We ended 16 months of failure by doing things that don’t scale. Went door to door, met 100 super users & built for them.”

HN is “Hacker News”

hackernewsfeed_normal.png HN from Y Combinator (@hnycombinator)
11/1/13, 11:30 AM
Do Things That Don’t Scale: An Uncover Example dnlchw.net/HwtDEz (cmts dnlchw.net/1bK0pux)


fd3b79fa778ad8dc6d2fd1348046c768_normal.jpeg Nelly Yusupova (@DigitalWoman)
9/23/13, 6:20 PM
Do Things that Don’t Scale by @paulg bit.ly/16pJitE <-great article on getting early users/customers #leanstartup #startup

Impress Brian Park, Jason Fried and PG and me by executing DTTDSBHM as your pop up internship #3

smalla_normal.jpg Brian Park (@brianbpark)
7/25/13, 11:04 AM
Jason Fried’s commentary on “Why we’re doing things that don’t scale” ow.ly/njnbp

Meet me and Hiten at Table50 at Evvia (after you DTTDSBHM )

image1328387386_normal.png Hiten Shah (@hnshah)
7/25/13, 7:58 AM
Why @37signals is doing things that don’t scale kiss.ly/18EWORt /by @jasonfried
17906f23bc624c983faa00b7798c272c_normal.jpeg Andy Smith (@kabbenbock)
2/16/14, 11:17 AM
Reverse the rules: do things that don’t scale. #startup #lean #llp paulgraham.com/ds.html

Who am I, Larry Chiang.
I’m the guy who thinks you should get

– 3 legendary internships*
– one study abroad
– 5 pop up internships*
– maybe co-term

* ONE OF THE INTERNSHIPS AS CS MAJOR SHOULD BE DOING STRAIT SALES (also known as distribution). Selling as a CS major is like a Jedi in Business Admin ( See #csMajorCEO #CSmajorCRO)


Written by Larry Chiang

October 7, 2014 at 6:18 pm

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