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#GoGetChitter a Sequel Company

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a “W” is a commercially viable hit. It is a ‘win’ like a $25mm opening weekend or when an MIT kid does a partially retarded company like Rotten Tomatoes or when a student athlete starts Revel Systems. Silicon Valley loves funding founders with a small win or sequence of small wins. These small wins come from being employee #5 – #50. And then starting a sequel business to that business. So for example, I worked at a company called UCMS and was employee #32. Then, I jettisoned and started Duck9 with two other dudes.

Shockley Semiconductor was the same. It spawned Fairchild Seminconductor when 8 dudes left Shockley to form Fairchild. Then two left Fairchild to form “Intel”

Hit #GoGetChitter for GIfts and Goodies

At #GoGetChitter we were fortunate to “stumble upon” a mentor who showed us how to reposition ourselves in many different aspects of our startup business. We listened and we executed so now we are in an enviable position because we have a wait list of clients.

We thought we would share with you exactly what we do. The SlideShare below will give you #GoGetChitter in a step-by-step format so you can copy it. That’s right, we have no trademark on it. You can go ahead and use it as you wish.


Being from the Midwest, we are just a bunch of guys who spent time on Google to try and find the RIGHT way to launch our startup. This is where we learned Pattern Recognition, Patter Replication and Pattern Iteration ( #PRPRPI ) from our mentor Larry Chiang. Larry helped us create a sequel company to IMG (founded by…

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September 27, 2014 at 8:03 pm

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