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Self Lender Wants To Help People Build And Repair Their Credit

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The credit system in America isn’t great. It’s hard for people to establish and rehabilitate their standing inside of it. Today at the Disrupt Startup Battlefield, Self Lender launched its consumer finance service to help people with limited credit history build credit, as well as assist people with weaker credit profiles boost their scores.

Self Lender takes on the problem by letting people borrow a small sum of money that is held in escrow. The debt is paid back over a period of three, six, nine or twelve months. A simple payment plan lets the user pay off the sum in a regular fashion, and the company returns nearly all the money that the user “paid off” at the end of the payment period.

In that way, users can actually use Self Lender to save. The company suggested that a user could build their credit, and accrete funds easily to cover a down payment for a…

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Written by Larry Chiang

September 9, 2014 at 11:27 pm

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