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Shift Is Developing A Debit Card That Lets You Spend Digital Currency, Loyalty Points And Regular Money

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Danger. Danger, YC padawans. There is danger when you ‘Cross the chasm From the Left’. Do what Jessica & PG did and #CTCFTR [{(Cross the chasm From the Right}]


In the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere in the world, 100 people are testing out a debit card that lets them pay with bitcoin and ripple, and, in the future, regular money and loyalty points. These users are part of a pilot program run by the Y Combinator-backed startup called Shift Payments, a company working to make it as easy to spend digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and loyalty points as it is to spend regular, fiat money.

Shift was founded by Meg Nakamura, Eugene Otto, and Greg Kidd – a team with backgrounds in payments, telecom and regulation, making them an ideal group for tackling something as complex as bringing digital currencies and loyalty points into the offline world, where they’re attached to a “normal” debit card.

Nakamura, a Princeton grad, met co-founder Kidd back when they both worked at consulting company called Promontory, which focused on working with those in…

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Written by Larry Chiang

August 13, 2014 at 8:35 am

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