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Postmortems Are Premature

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By Larry Chiang

Do you notice that most times you only hear or see a business after it’s GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale??!


The quote:
“Most lead lives dominated by quiet desperation”
come to mind. Emerson maybe

Every time I see “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, I cringe because startups should not die premature deaths either (it’s the ethos of my ENGR 145 mentor Tom Kosnik. I took E145 before I taught it.). Well, every postmortem I read, makes me think of the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs.

Plancast* postmortem
Sonar postmortem
99 Dresses postmortem
(please link to these postmortem in the comments as I’m too lazy to link to them!!!)

My theory is that a postmortem is actually postpartum

Re-read what I wrote.

“My theory is that a postmortem is actually super-basic postpartum”


Written by Larry Chiang

July 9, 2014 at 3:41 pm

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