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How to Win ACL for $847.31

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By Larry Chiang

Founders wanna win Disrupt. Well, I’d practice winning Austin City Limits.

bd26194fa93733b624ec22966dbdb9d9_normal.jpeg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
7/7/14, 8:37 AM
Did u get a full ride?? Spend $847.31 @FSAustin at #ACLFestival to double your startups value. #textMe

When I first started Duck9 and UCMS Inc. before that, http://www.ucms.com, I won small things before I won over Congress. Lets win ACL by spending 847.31 by…

-1- Booking the Waterloo room and winning

Host an educational event that maybe mentors one or two prospects. Pattern replicate #ReverseVC, #31envelopes, #UTeWeek

-2- Practice winning ACL by reading how to win SXSW for 217.00

It’s a Business Insider article I, Larry Chiang, wrote.

-3- Practice winning SXSW by winning ACL Weekend number two.

There is an article on GigaOm about winning SXSW. I Re read what I wrote and all the arbitrage opportunities apply. By arbitrage, I mean spending 847.31 and getting more than that back.


-4- Get sponsored and recoup your 847.31.

There is a method to give yourself a “scholarship” in the real world. It involves starting with an 11-minute event. Then, taking that event (an MVP, minimum viable PARTY) and then Engineering Up a Tidal Wave of Momentum that Perpetually Promotes Machinary it (EUTWMPPM )

It works because you take advantage of the 98.5% of readers who read but never execute 😉

-5- Make money at ACL

Set aside your startup.

Practice entrepreneurship by practicing arbitrage – Buy and sell Austin housing on AirBnb. Quiz my co-founders of UTeWeek as to how they made cash money selling Austin housing to VCs during SXSW

What is your name?


Written by Larry Chiang

July 7, 2014 at 4:00 pm

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