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Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

Startup Friction is Optional

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By Larry Chiang

Nothing about this post will be politically correct.

Friction is an engineering concept. It’s measured by a coefficient. Be like me with awards from the engineering side* as well as setting the bell curve on the startup side**. Lets break down the STARTUP “coefficient of friction” into five subroutines:

One (1).

Be so innovative and expert, that you actually see your progress as something OLD. How is your innovative startup like something old?

History repeats itself, so lets let VCs who pattern recognize, recognize your startup. When I started working with the retards in consumer finance underwriting as it relates to minimizing credit portfolio debt, they were numb when I spoke of “third party data verification” and ‘off credit report’ scoring. So, I spun it as Baseball stats*** (This was pre MoneyBall but post sabremetics)

CalEWeek, founded by Larry Chiang, is a sequel to StanfordEweek #CalEweek.

TWO (2)

Understand and be humble enough to realize what your startup is a sequel to.

Look, I have a massive entrepreneur brain worthy of a Nobel. Here is something true that smart young people fight: “Everything is a sequel”. Once you swallow what I say…, this can then allow for F-L-O-W (Flow in the Noam Choanski, Silvia the psychic, flow-Quora career.) FLOW is momentum which leads to my next friction busting point:

THREE (3).

Flow happens when you lever the momentum around you.



“There is momentum all around us. Using the force of an entrenched large company while we steward a startup is Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu****.”

– Larry Chiang
Founding Stanford EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)

**** No TM cuz Im so smart, I’ll be 30% smarter next Tuesday. So use Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu

What I mean is that Bruce Li (a real Jedi) would use an attackers advantage against them. Your attack force moves you to the ground faster. It’s Jiu Jitsu. For example Oracle vs IBM**
For example SalesForce vs O**
For example, Apple vs Sony**
For example, Tim O’Reilly vs Sun**
(This knowledge wasn’t from my two trips to Foo Camp. It’s from notes sitting First Chair Entrepreneurship)
For example First USA vs Chase**
For Example Advanta vs B of A**
For example fB vs Friendster**
For example Five Guys vs McD**
For example, Animoto vs Google**
For example WP Engine vs AWS**
For example, Plancast vs Facebook (Disclosure: I sold that)
For example You vs #iDunno

** source = http://bit.ly/buster14512w
I quote this genius so much, this bit ly URL, that I memorized it. yes, that links to a genius video

*** http://bit.ly/buster14512v
Is another bit ly I memorized that links to

Fb update: I learned this from Larry Chiang and my mind is blown

ENGR 145 is a class on tech entrepreneurship that I was recruited to teach

I was recruited after speaking at SWIB (I did a keynote as an anonymous man-slave in the role of Lloyd from Entourage Movie to an auditorium of female entrepreneurs). They were instructed to text me so that their career development would experience less friction. I guess when you sprinkle a li’l Larry Chiang on your startup, it gets super slick cuz I’m slippery when wet

Btw, this post is supposed to be humorous. All of this knowledge I just dropped was 67 years of Mark McCormacks knowledge. He self funded a $3,500,000,000 exit

Who are u??

UTEweek is a sequel to StanfordEweek too

Uber is a sequel to “Uber Cab” which is a sequel to Taxi of London which is a sequel to you Chinese people’s “rickshaw”


Written by Larry Chiang

July 2, 2014 at 5:55 pm

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