What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

Replies, CC-ing and BCC’d Us VC’s, CEO’s and Hollywood Celebs at SXSW

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By Larry Chiang

All y’all these are the “email optimization rules of Larry Chiang”

/1/ include cell in the subject line or VIPs like Like Nosek or Ken Howery never see them

/2/ every lead going into #WarRoom9 needs to be a cc Larry. I’m ceo of that bitchezz

Actually, I am Lawrence

/3/ bcc.

Stop using bcc.

Just fwd the email.

/4/ never never reply all to a bcc :-]


Since I like cash, don’t reply all to a bcc

/5/ always read who is getting what.

/6/ no one drinks any alcohol at SXSW. If you lose your #WarRoom9 focus, I lose.

I don’t lose.

I win.

/6/ subject line changes.

Following Up / re: 20 Minutes for 20 Entrepreneurs

Never say the word follow
Or “flowing up”

650-283-8008 / Larry Chiang / sxsw re: 22 Minutes for 21 Entrepreneurs

If you cc me, people will care about you

Cuz they care about me

They don’t care about you. (Yet!)

/7/ Jesus loves me and you but not Japanese

He stayed 100 days and was seen by 500 people. Kinda dickish move to create doubt.

The. Disappears

Key leadGen fact. 1/3 of angels left heaven.

Key Jesus lead gen fact. Japan is horrible and dark because in my mind, He rode a donkey and stopped in South Korea (lead gen rate there is uber high, Travis Kalanik pun intended!)

Key historical fact: Japanese war criminals were assholes Re comfort women.

I will go there to lead Gen japs cuz one of the 300 women I made out w/ becomes president and installs me as ambassador at a country I’ve never been to.

cc: the Jew from Nazareth that did not lead gen his own home town either.

I will mention and promote more mentors at SXSW than all the attendees combined. Times two. #MMPPI

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Written by Larry Chiang

February 26, 2014 at 7:07 pm

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