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Access to Credit Using a Tool That Kills Four Other Birds

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By Larry Chiang

As an undergrad moochiing off of your parents, there is a tool all y’all need to know about.

It is a Pay Pal account PayPal Extras MasterCard.
It is a credit tool where you, the undergrad can build your FICO score. This helps when you’re starting a ‘Lemonade Stand’ business.

This same tool can be used to accept money. For example, you sell the credit advice that you read for free at http://www.duck9.com/blog or http://www.duck9.com/blog/uncategorized/fico-scores-needed-for-paypals-mastercard/

This same tool has an API that allows you to do developer things like dev an app.

This same tool can help you establish good enough credit to get an Amex Starwood credit card (thus raising your FICO even more!)

Remember, credit is rarely common sense. Credit is abiding by a set of laws written in the pre Internet age. There are ways to leverage it where you can
– make a li’l money helping people
– choose to not make any money helping people.- build up your own credit score called “FICO” which is credit industry slang for Fair Isaac CO(rporation). They came up with the score.

Want help?! Texting me might be too personal. Tweet at me using the special hashtag #mmpQQ or email me larry (at) Duck9 (dot) com and put mmpQQ in the subject line

mmpQQ is mentor mentions per Quora Question.
There are about 40 mundane steps, Ive to list out for you.

Wanna do it on your own without me?! Google
Larry Chiang 31 envelopes.
Nope, I won’t link to it because linking is such hard work.


Written by Larry Chiang

November 5, 2013 at 8:39 pm

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