What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

In VC, Entrepreneurs Must “Pitch from the Stretch”

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By Larry Chiang

In classroom settings for entrepreneurship, founders can take their sweet butt time. Winding up your pitch is classroom entrepreneurs pitching. In the real world, you gets less time.

I should know. I teach ENGR 145. When you take your full allotment of time to pitch, you are in-effect, pitching from the wind-up. We as entrepreneurs should learn to pitch under duress. Yes, we must master pitching to VCs in a street smart way. Yes, we should learn to pitch from the stretch.

Here are baseball-like patterns to iterate and replicate while we as entrepreneurs pitch VCs …

VCs will be rude and upset your pitch tempo, pace and delivery. VCs are more impatient than a 6’5″ Chinese lead-off man trying to score from 2B with no outs. VCs look for tendencies in your delivery and look to get a huge jump along with a ginormous lead-off.

Pitchers can set up VCs.

First of all you can’t score runs from the mound so you really want to pitch less. You can score runs while on defense so while you may be great at pitching… Pitch less.

While you are pitching, don’t feel as if you need to showcase your entire arsenal. For example, when I am pitching to my all star nephew, I only need two pitches. My 85mph fastball and my 76 mph change-up. That differential keeps his barrel off the ball and his 9 year old ego in-check. As an entrepreneur meeting a VC that I intro you to— make sure you simply state

-1- Yeah, me and my two co-founders are CS majors

-2- yes we all “sell”

Remember, we want to let VCs pitch back to us. That means they’re interested. They’re pompous so they will be pitching from the wind-up.

If they don’t pitch you, wrap up the meeting and get out of there before you do more damage and reveal any more

ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole

It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

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Written by Larry Chiang

May 6, 2013 at 5:09 am

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