What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School

Stuff you can't learn in B-school: LARRY CHIANG

How to Succeed at ENGR145 By Trying

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By Larry Chiang

First of all some bad news. It’s a lot of work. It will seem like an incredible amount of work if you’re not an engineering major.

The great news I will break down into 30-35 li’l pieces in five sections

-1- This entire town wants what you have inside ENGR145.

I took the class 3x with Tom Kosnik. I spent significantly more than you to sit first chair entrepreneur. Yes, I made that up. It’s just the front row where first violin would sit. Yes I played the violin. Yes, I’m Asian.

Want a door to open?!? Say, “I’m an ENGR145 student. Can I get ten minutes on the phone?” Better than saying ‘open sesame’, ENGR 145 uttered loud enough for a 50 year-old to hear might get you upgraded to a Coupa Coffee.

-2- Hosting something at this mega resource rich Jr College is mega easy. If you don’t host a mentorship dinner during the first week, you should not be happy with yourself. How to host? There are 30-35 details that a student from last year’s ENGR 145 two sections that can help.

You see that just happened?! The first 30-35 spawned another 30-35 to-dos. It’s like a rabbit hole, that entrepreneurship is.

Oh. These 30-35 things are lumped together into recipes I wrote up from all the legendary ENGR 145 students before you. These recipes my mentor gave me. If you’d like these recipes PayPal me $39,000.oo. Whatever you do don’t google those recipes cuz some jerk named Remmy Oxley loaded them on his VC website.

I hate that guy.

-3- Tweet.

In the ENGR145 world you now inhabit due to pure luck or/ and positive happenstance… VIPs actually treat your tweet (about them) like a NY Times feature (about them).

Just re-read. Re-read the above paragraph 7x cuz it’s true. I’m not going to explain why. It’s cuz you’re in danger.

Remember. In the game you’re playing, 90% die. Treat these blog posts as staccato bursts of what I know works. I see patterns of what works. Pause to pontificate the theory and you’re dead. Pause to discuss (versus execute) and you are dead. Pause to have an academic discussion and you are dead. Entrepreneurship is about doing.

Entrepreneurship is about execution.

Tweet that.

Seriously, close down your IPhone 5 safari reader and download the twitter. Load up a pic, a ten word bio, get a username that is a semi real name.

-4- Good news. Learn to live and possible fail publicly.

You’ve been coached to say nothing on social media. You have been coached to post nothing publicly. Now you will be documenting your ascent. Now you will update your progress like a FedEx package.

-5- ENGR 145 actually has an engineered system to remove risk and failure.

Google #RMRMRE.

You’re welcome.

-6- Cross the Chasm from the right.

Thank goodness you pre-studied class session #5. http://e145.stanford.edu

NOTE: stop skimming and start mastering these concepts. Take notes in your moleskin. Get a moleskin.

Crossing the chasm from the right, risk mitigates, risk minimizes and risk eliminates. It’s a video EMBED http://bit.ly/buster14512w

-7- In Parallel, Learn the supplemental ENGR 145 street smart material. ENGR 145 is cool because you learn street smarts in the classroom. But some street smarts you gotta learn on the mean streets of Sand Hill road and University Ave.

Where is the street smart material?! Ask ENGR 145 alums.

-8- Launch inside of the first week. First day of class is June 25. Debut it July 1. Premier it July 7. Launch at MobileBeat (it’ll be another 30-35 toDo’s). Grand Open your startup at TechCrunch August Capital.

Yes. It’s street smart to grand open your startup. Debut your startup. Premier your startup. Launch your startup.

Note: Startups are risky. Doing a LCMCC is better. It’s a Larry Chiang Mini Company Concept. Remember, I took this class 3x and personally place over 20 active ENGR 145 students into guest lecturing and speaking roles. Remember most of these are documented on my YouTube.

I’d wish you luck but you don’t need luck. You need a work ethic to make your own luck. You need a work ethic where people say, “No wonder Larry Chiang was successful. Look at all he DID”.

Start executing and grade yourselves on the entrepreneur bell curve

Thx for reading. If you email me Ill send you my secret article yours for the Googling “7 Biggest Mistakes Students in ENGR 145 Make”

-1- No developers
-2- Get references so you can transfer or get admitted
-3- it’s a mistake to not get micro seed funded
-4- It’s a mistake if you don’t do a sequel business. Do a startup that is a sequel to something.
-5- Don’t get sucked into sexy stories. Jerk your hand up from the front row and ASK, “What were your first one to five steps”
-6- It’s a mistake not to pre-study all three textbooks and all 22 classes. The theory is SO easy. So learn it. Applying that theory to actually doing something *real* in 8 short weeks
-7- There are two grades given. One from Professor Kosnik (who is legendary!). The other is the invisible grade that I, Larry Chiang, will give you. Note: if you’re taking my UnOfficial MBA Class at that pretty good MBA school, there is only the invisible grade I will give you.

QUESTION Larry Chiang, How do you grade me?!
LARRY CHIANG answer: I grade on the entrepreneur bell curve

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52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering

Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

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Written by Larry Chiang

April 24, 2013 at 7:09 pm

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