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Carrie Kane’s Question about 24 Envelopes in the 31 Envelope System

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We like cake!

Carrie Kane (@carrie_kane)
4/9/13, 6:10 AM
@LarryChiang Re: 31 envelopes…ah, makes sense. You don’t have 24 cards w/balances though do you? It’s one card.Zero balance.
24 months of charging $15-19.99
Then using envelope to pay the under $20 charge in-full and on-time

This 31 envelope system is for college students. The general population should use a different set because of a credit file that is more mature

Founders want high FICO scores. Well, I will spell out all 31 envelopes. See the trackbacks down below for the exact pictures for Carrie Kane (remember, she is not a college undergrad. Carrie Kane has a cake business).

Why 31 envelopes?!

You might think snail mail is useless.
You might think you’re a Jedi knight.
Well, Jedi’s use light sabres that aren’t as technologically advanced as a laser blaster.

Email and web are laser blasters.
Paper envelopes are tech weapons. I’m Larry Chiang and ‘the force’ is with me. The Force is governed by USA laws that are all based in USPS (USA postal service). The Force is the 200 page USA law called FCBA (fair credit billing act).

Don’t think of me like Obi Wan
Think of me like R2D2.
Don’t be an Anakin Skywalker. Remember, in a hissy fit of rage, Skywalker Darth Vader kills 100 young Jedi’s.

Fail to heed my regurgitated words and you will kill your own future credit score, my padawan.

Note: if you’re a girl, just text me and then do as I say. (This was meant for guys who do not listen :-))

Obvi you throw away all of your post office box mail at the station in 94305-ville. Did you know that a credit bureau employee would go to prison for throwing away your mail. It is US law that requires TU Equifax Experian to handle each piece of mail as if the president of the US fedEx’d it.

Actually, your 49c stamp is worth more than a fedEx because US credit law protects US postal mail. It doesn’t mandate opening FedEx packages.

See the trackbacks down below

bd26194fa93733b624ec22966dbdb9d9_normal.jpeg Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
7/7/14, 8:37 AM
See the trackbacks down below pic.twitter.com/qpST2LbZgh

Written by Larry Chiang

April 9, 2013 at 7:33 pm

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