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7 Countermeasures For When a High Priced Call Girl Throws Vag at You

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Epiphany Hotel has a deck that you can throw a rope ladder from.

Epiphany Hotel has a deck that you can throw a rope ladder from.

By Larry Chiang

As a future trillionaire, you will have to have countermeasures for all the stuff that will happen to you.

Learn from and leverage my experience

Here is how you counter a really hot woman throwing themselves at you.

-1- Separate, Extend and Escape

We as men aren’t women. We are men. As men, we won’t be women and wait for someone to “save” us. We save ourselves.

For example, I never enter an area without multiple escape routes.

Separating, extending and escaping is your best maneuver because no one can bang you from 50 yards away, around two corners.

-2- Exit Strategy

Yes you’ve read my article, ‘Exit Strategy for my GSB Girlfriend’

Google and know the nuances.

-3- Paging Barney Rubble

When I stay in a hotel, I don’t make the fresh celeb mistake of using an alias that is clearly false

Paging Fred Flintstone is silly. Signing a bar bill as Pebbles Bam! Bam! might get you flagged as being retarded. I use the name Tyler Chang. But I go by TC. He even has a real email.

-4- Cornered in the hotel room.

I get two rooms on any property

One I sleep in.
One I claim to sleep in.

I love the concept of real world insurance. It’s paying money for an escape, a safeguard or a potential countermeasure tool that you may never use.

It way beats the real-world kind of insurance like State Farm — those guys suck. See why Buster, my car, hates them.

-5- Barely Safe Behind a Door

When a hooker knocks on the door. I say “NOT EXACTLY THE BEST TIME RIGHT NOW”

When a hooker BANGS on the door. I say “NOT EXACTLY THE BEST TIME RIGHT NOW”

To escape your own hotel room… Exit wearing staff looking clothes (I wear my tux. I look just like a waiter in it)

I grab laundry on a hanger and exit the room as-if I am picking up drycleaning.

I escape to my safe room on the same property.

I know I said seven countermeasures, but those five work. The other two I left off because they don’t work so well.

CEO of Duck9

Stanford University EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)

Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9
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Written by Larry Chiang

December 8, 2011 at 3:39 am

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