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What I Learned in Vegas at a Blogger Convention

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Larry Chiang learns more on a weekend than most MBAs do all quarter. This past weekend, he crashed two conferences… Blogworld Expo and Experts Academy. They were in Las Vegas and San Francisco (respectively). Here are the nuggets from Blogworld Expo. The Experts Academy summary is going to take much longer than 10 minutes.
By Larry Chiang

I love kissing blogger butt.

Because of this, I wedged in a few hours in Las Vegas this past weekend. Bloggers learn from each other and I scope out the best. These are the best, but more importantly, they also follow-up.

Yes, I asked about two dozen people, “What did you learn here at Blogworld Expo?”

**Here are the THREE that followed up.**

From Lori Herron, a distributor for Pokens

One thing I didn’t learn in school is that a big event can evolve from the passion of just a handful of individuals. The BlogWorld GrandTweetup was started by one local blogger saying to MGM Grand, ‘You should do a tweetup,’ then saying to me, ‘You should get Poken involved in this tweetup.’ Then I’m contacting BlogWorld saying, ‘You need to be a part of this tweetup.’ Next thing you know, we’ve got over 200 BlogWorld attendees and local Las Vegas Twitter users coming together for networking and good times.”  JustPokens.com

LARRY CHIANG COMMENT: This event was the grand tweet up at the MGM and doubled as the official closing event wrap-up.

From Warren Whitlock, Co-Author of “Twitter Revolution”

Blogworld breaks through to a new experience beyond any other trade show. I brought several authors to meet with blogger and expected a few interviews. Vendors, attendees, speakers all interact with each other far beyond what we expected.

I learned that the attitude of giving in the blogging community permeates everything bloggers do. I have a renewed hope for the economy and our future as I watch how social media communities get things done.

Whitlock’s site: http://BestSellerAuthors.com

From Jeremiah Owyang, Partner Altimeter

Blog World Expo was representative of the actual blogosphere:  full of energy, thousands of conversations and the chaos that comes with it.   The big trend is that those who are believers attended the conference, spurring on the social religion.  The real battles will be fought outside of the convention center halls back in the corporations who are trying to justify investment changes as the new year rolls in.

Aside from the corporations, celebrities are taking note, and there were several from mainstream music, TV and the silver screen that graced our presence. David B. Thomas latest post says that there was too much rhetoric at the conference –I agree.

Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist Blog: www.web-strategist.com

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Larry’s mentor Mark McCormack wrote this in 1983.

I edited this in 10 minutes. If I missed something, email me… larry @larrychiang dot com and include your cell in the subject line.

I started a credit company that changed a industry. Before the credit industry used to screw college students. Now, it still does, but just a little less.

Yes, I plan on doing this college marketing job until 2069 (I’ll be 90 then 🙂 Text or call me during office hours 11:11am or 11:11pm PST +/-11 minutes on my cell: 650-283-8008.

Written by Larry Chiang

December 11, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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